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I built a BIG Plain JS Project to deepen my knowledge for 3 months

It was a mistake, here's why...

Before starting to build my first big plain JavaScript project,

I have this in my mind:

“I should do this project so that I could learn JavaScript deeper”

What I didn't know was that in React, you will still use JavaScript the same way you do functionalities in Vanilla JavaScript.

Yeah I should have bothered checking React out first, but I didn’t.

I just sticked to my plan and started my big project.

So the thing is that you will still use JavaScript in React,

That’s why you will still learn more and improve your JavaScript just by using it.

In Front-end Development,

Developers don’t use plain JS to build websites anymore

Instead we use libraries/frameworks like React which makes it a lot easier for us to build our websites.

My Second Big Project

Shortly after finishing my first big project I started learning React fundamentals and also started building my big project using React.

And the things I learned by building my second big project in React was more useful in my first job.

That’s the reason why building your big project in React will make you more job ready for frontend development and at the same time deepen your knowledge of JavaScript as well.

So if you have plans to practice by building a big project in plain JavaScript, I would suggest that you save that killer project for React.

Here’s my recommendation

  • Learn JavaScript Basics ( e.g crash courses in YT )

  • Build a simple practice project to grasp the basics

  • Now Dive into learning React

Checking out React prerequisites before diving into it can be a great bonus.

That’s it for now.

If you have any message or questions feel free to reply to this email.

Quick Update about WebDevVisuals

I’m still finalizing the webapp to make sure things are working as expected and I’m planning to release early access for you guys soon with a special deal.

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