I did it on Figma

a trick to 10x your coding skills

I have recently talked about a way to 10x your coding skills,

So I thought I should tell you about my recent experience.

It’s not in coding but this trick applies probably to any skills you could think of.

My Experience

For the past weeks I have been building a landing page for WebDevVisuals.

And I started this by planning the design on Figma,

So I could easily code it later.

By the way If you like experimenting with UI’s while building your project,

It’s a great idea to plan it in Figma because its easier to experiment with UI’s here.

With it you won’t be wasting time doing trial and error with CSS until the design starts to look right in your eyes.

Anyways so I have been designing the landing page and just recently,

I started feeling like I’m not doing things right.

So I did it.

I searched Figma landing page design and watched a designer build a landing page from scratch on Figma.

After that some of my confusion we’re cleared.

You know what’s even better?

I learned how this professional think and do stuffs on Figma.

I also learned some cool tricks that I could do while designing my own project.

That’s the trick.

Learn from the pro’s with years of experience and apply it in your own project.

This is the current progress of the landing page:

This is my first ever landing page design and I’m excited to see this design finished and live. :)

That’s it for now.

Thanks for reading,


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