Technique to 10X your CODING skills

I'm still doing this now

Watching alone is actually not enough,

If you want to become a better developer you need to do some coding.

But there is actually an exception.

If you code a lot you will improve a lot and learn from your mistakes yes.

You will see better ways to make your code better and better.

Basically you are improving by learning from your own experience.

And that happens in anything you do.

The thing is a lot of developers already has been through that experience.

So the technique you can do is to learn from somebody else that’s already been through that experience.

So how would you do it?

Watch big project tutorials or coding livestreams.

This way you can learn from a developer with years or even decades of experience.

You will learn how they think and do stuffs with the technology you are currently learning in complex projects.

Which is really great.

You can then apply these stuffs you that you have learned when you are coding your own project.

Learning from the Pro’s is the WAY.

Do it from time to time and you will become a lot better in no time.

That’s it for now.

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