I got my first job by surprise

here's what happened

When I started learning web development at January 2022,

Getting a job isn’t really my main goal at the beginning.

Because I’m still going to school online.

I was just learning for fun because I find it interesting.

I learned consistently daily.

While also documenting my learning journey in public.

Throughout that year I graduated senior high and also turned 18.

After almost 1 year of learning and building cool project.

I received a job offer from a company.

I had this goal where I would start preparing myself for a job in 2023.

Create my Resume, Finish up my Dev Portfolio and Prepare for Interview Questions.

So receiving that job offer really surprised me.

After our first meeting about the job offer, they gave me a task.

I was able to complete that task and I got the job.

I was really grateful for what has happened. 😀 

What made this whole thing possible?

My Online Presence

It woudn’t have been possible if there’s no Ali Calimli online and I was just learning alone at home and not sharing my projects online.

Exact same event might not happen for you but I can gurantee you that having an online presence is a huge advantage.

It would make you stand out from majority of developers out there. 🙌 

That’s it for now.

Thank you for reading,

I finally released WebDevVisuals in public! 🚀 

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