The Easiest Way to Build your Online Presence

I started building mine by doing this

As a developer,
Having an Online Presence is super beneficial especially in the long term.
And the easiest way to start building yours is to share you’re learning progress.
Developers always have something that they have been learning right?

Just by sharing it you can easily build your online presence a little by little.
Here’s an example of me on my first day:

Same thing you can do with the project you have been building to practice.
Share its progress.

Here’s an example:

The great thing about this?
You are going to receive feedback from other developers.
And this feedbacks would help a lot in your journey.

At the beginning no one might engage with your posts,

But don’t get discouraged that’s normal.
Once you start engaging in the community and make friends.
People would start engaging with you especially your friends.
Whenever you are ready,
I’d love to see you make your first post about this so feel free to mention me when you can :)

By the way, I would recommend you to start #100DaysOfCode Challenge on Twitter/X where you would start documenting your journey for 100 days straight. ( Break days are fine )

That’s it for now.

Thanks for reading,

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