Don't skip this part, you'll need it

Rushing or skipping this would just make things harder...

I know I know if you’re still learning the fundamentals ( HTML, CSS and JS ) you probably can’t wait to start with the frameworks because it makes things easier like React or NextJS or Tailwind.

I know that because people have asked me weather its still worth their time to keep learning those and practice or just dive into learning frameworks.


Because they’ve seen other developers in the community say good stuffs about it and create impressive stuffs using the frameworks.

One thing about frameworks on web development is that they evolve and change overtime but whatever changes they make they’re still built on top of the same fundamentals.

And that is HTML, CSS and JS.

The Fundamentals

Doesn’t matter what changes happens in React because at the end of the day you will still use the same knowledge to use it.

- Styling elements ( CSS )
- JavaScript for functionalities.

With fundamental knowledge you can easily adapt to whatever framework pops up in the field or whatever changes they make in the current frameworks.

So don’t rush and skip practicing the basics of those technologies just because of the frameworks.

Learn their basics, practice then you can dive into frameworks.

CSS Basics → Practice → TailwindCSS
JS Basics → Practice → ReactJS

Overall learning and practicing these fundamental technologies will definitely be worth your time, just don’t over spend your time with them.

Because like I said you will still use the same knowledge in the frameworks.

By using tailwind you’ll still learn CSS and by using React you will still learn and improve your HTML and JS.

So move on to the frameworks once you got a good grasp of the basics and become comfortable with it, which you can achieve by building simple project with the basics you just learned.

That’s it for now, I hope you enjoyed reading this one :)

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