Bored with Long Courses?

Do this instead.

I know for sure I’m not the only one out there who find long courses boring.

So if you’re like me, here’s a fun alternative to learn.

Lets get into it:

1. Start by Learning Fundamentals

You can learn this easily from crash courses in Youtube.

For example, HTML and CSS crash course.

Tools like React or NextJS offers a quick crash course from their website,

That's a great option too.

Crash course would teach you the basics.

And that’s all you need to get started with any tools out there.

2. Choose a Project

Now that you learned the fundamental knowledge,

It's time to find yourself a project to build.

It doesn't have to be UNIQUE.

Search for project ideas online.

Pick one you find exciting to build.

The kind of project that will excite you to wake up and continue building.

That's it.

For example me, I built a chatapp and it was fun!

3. Start Building

Now that you found yourself a great project.

Start building that, and stay consistent.

Since you like that project idea,

You'll have a lot of fun building it.

That’s it, that’s the way.

Its up to you how big you want the project to be.

You want to grasp the basics better?

Create SIMPLE project.

You want to deepen your knowledge?

Create a BIG Project.

Building a big project is gonna be challenging.

But you will learn a lot from it.

Keep in mind:

Building your own project doesn’t mean you always have to come up with your own solutions.

Like implementing a specific feature.

Searching for solutions online is totally fine as long as you learn from it.

Thanks for reading,

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